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How Can I use the login Domino to ASP programm or how can I export LDAP from Domino to LDAP ASP
~Chloe Dwogerokonyoden 01/20/2004 09:16 AM
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Hi, I have some web page which they've made with Domino and others have made with ASP. I want to know how if I logon with Domino the users can go to ASP web page, else can't go.
I have two ways, one is export LDAP domino to ASP. I haven't found how I can export it.
The other is create an object Domino, but when I make this object I receive this message "Ran out of memory".
Thank you for all, I'm looking forward to receiving your aid.

Yours sincerely....

Roger Fajula.
PD: I hope my English is enough good to understand it. I make a lot of mistakes.

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